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West Coast Eye Institute


Intraocular Lens

No two patients are the same, let alone any two eyes. This section is meant to serve as an added tool for you to better understand how we at Southwest Eyecare and LASER can better tailor your cataract surgery to your vision's need.

The basics

When you elect to have cataract surgery, our surgeons are motivated by a single goal: get you the best possible vision. But this goal means many different things to many different people. From some it means "I want to be able to see better," or " I want to be able to see my computer without glasses but I am ok driving with glasses" and for others "I want to be as close to 21 [years old] again."  

With this mind, we think it beyond help for us to breakdown your options to see what is best for you.  

At the time of your cataract surgery, we will removal the cloudy cataract and replace it with an intraocular lens. These lenses have power and at clear. 

What we recommend:

  1. Understand your options
  2. Take a moment to do our online questionnaire, click the picture.
  3. Ask your surgeon questions

Consider the multi-tiered image to the left as an example.  

The image on the top an example of a standard len set for "near vision".

The image in the middle is an example of the standard "distance" lens.

The image at the bottom is an example the PanOptix (multifocal) Lens. 

Standard Lens

A great options for most. The standard lens has many advantages over your current cataract. 

The Keys:

  • This is covered by insurance
  • Set for 1 distance (near or far), unable to do both.
  • The most common lens is the standard distance lens. Meaning great distance vision but YOU WILL NEED HELP WITH READING.

Toric Lens

A toric lens is not for everyone. The toric lens is designed to help an eye that has a high amount of astigmatism. Astigmatism is a word that most of have heard of before, but what does it actually do in terms of your vision. Think of it as fine tuning. An astigmatism means your eye does bend light perfectly. Learn more about an astigmatism.

If your eye has a high amount of astigmatism this is the lens for you. THe good news both the standard and the PanOptix Lens come with options to help an astigmatism.

The Keys:

  1. Needed if you have a high amount of an astigmatism
  2. You can see get either the standard or PanOptix lens
  3. Partially covered by insurance

Alcon's PanOptix Lens

The PanOptix lens is a great lens and the first of it's kind. With more than a 99% patient satisfaction rate, this lens might be the right option for you depending on your visual wants. This lens is designed to be the closest we have on the market to "perfect." It is designed to give you the range of vision (similar to that of the picture.) The goal is to be able to function with a new sense of glasses independence.

The Keys:

  1. First tri-focal lens to give you a true range of vision
  2. The BEST options to get "glasses independent" vision.
  3. Partially covered by insurance.