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West Coast Eye Institute


Dry Eye

Key Points

  1. Dry eye is very common and in this area our climate, farming, and sunshine does not help.

  2. Syptomically: Dry eye often presents a gritty or sandy feeling on the eye, blurry vision, and/or excessive tearing.
  3. Your eye is meant to be lubricated.

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As our addiction to screens and demand on our eyes continues to grow so goes the irritation of dry eye. Dry eye is the most common complaint seen in an ophthalmology clinic as the minor changes in your tear film often resolved in a noticeable change in the quality and comfort of your eyes. However, the solutions for dry eye can sometime be as bothersome as the problem itself. If you walk down the eye medication aisle in your pharmacy, you will be overwhelmed in eye drop options; plus the temporary help provided by these drops is often just not enough.  

Just be mindful there often are other options to help.

Helpful tips for how to put in an eyedrops:

  1. Wash your hands

  2. Use a finger to lower your lower lid, "make a pocket"
  3. Fix a point to fixate on above
  4. Instill a drop onto your eye
  5. Before placing another drop wait atleast 15 minutes.