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West Coast Eye Institute


215 China Grade Loop

Our China Grade Loop office is the heartbeat of our practice. The location has been around for more than 30 years and might single-handedly be responsible for more vision correction that any where else in Bakersfield. 

Historically, the building housed Dr. Gregory Stainer, eye surgeon, and Dr. Bill Thomas, dentist. For years the two provided quality care for their respective patients and created the an atmosphere for great health care. In 2016, the dental practice added a sign on the front of the building; so Dr. Stainer had to decided either to add his signage as well.  

Oddly as the practice thought about a sign, more and more patients started to talk about the "eye guy with a tooth sign". It become a thing and over time patients viewed this as a compliment to the practice, as the practice "is so good it doesn't need to advertise. People will find them." So as we moved forward, we never got a sign and embraced being the "eye guy with a tooth sign." 

Southwest EyeCare and LASER

215 China Grade Loop

Bakersfield, CA 93308

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